Cargo Bike Conversions
using your bike

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Let us take your existing bike and Xtracyclerize it with a “Free Radical” extension kit (for 26″ wheels). These modifications turn your bike into a cargo hauling beast which can carry up to 400 pounds of stuff. Go grocery shopping and buy 8 bags of food or give a friend a ride home on the back. The Xtracycle performs these chores with ease and still handles like a normal bicycle.

The Free Radical attachment fits most 26″ mountain bikes with 7, 8, 9 or 10 speed (in the rear) with linear pull (V) brakes or disc brakes.

All the Xtracycle attachments function with this kit.

* See Description Below for More Information

Click HERE for the New Xtracycle Leap heavy duty cargo kit.

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using your bike”

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Product Description

St Thomas Bikesmith will modify your existing bike with the Free Radical Cargo Kit to give you the hauling power of a small pickup truck.
Great for:

  • Large Families (carry up to three children with accessory seats)
  • Street Vendors (bottled water, tourist maps, coffee)
  • Mobile Repairs (plumbers, carpenters, locksmiths)

Basic Free Radical Conversion $499.00


  • Free Radical Framework
  • 2 - Side V Racks
  • Top Deck
  • Extended chain
  • Extended cables (brake & shifter)
  • Full tuneup

Note: Xtracycle Bags sold separately.