Defiant Pack Cargo Bags
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This is a very large aftermarket cargo bag made in Colorado by Defiant Pack. It has almost twice the capacity of a standard Xtracycle X2 Bag and comes in a variety of color choices. NOTE: These are sold as individual bags. If you are ordering a pair it is possible to mix & match colors.

These bags are specifically designed to mount to Xtracycle(tm) bikes and long tail extension kits with double railed Heavy Duty V-Racks (also known as Pannier Racks). They are also compatible with the standard V-Racks and Surly Big Dummy.


  • Internal pocket
  • Plastic stiffening to maintain shape
  • Roll top closure
  • Water resistant (Not waterproof)
  • 100% 1050d Ballistic Nylon exterior
  • Right/Left symmetric design
  • Double stitched and bound seams to increase durability
  • Multiple closure buckle locations allow for multiple ways to use the bag: Roll top closure, fold over the deck, open top ‘grocery style’, and bag to bag for on-top deck storage
  • Detachable loops for easy threading onto HD V-Racks


Specifications: (per bag)

  • Dimensions: 9” x 15”  X 23”  (width x height x length)
  • Height unrolled: 20”
  • Volume (design): 3300 in^3 (53 liters)
  • Volume (max unrolled) 4500 in^3 (72 liters)
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Available in the following colors:
    • Black & Black
    • Black & Red
    • Black & Blue
    • Black & Green
    • Black & Mocha
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Sold Individually”

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Product Description

The ExtraHuge Cargo bag is designed to offer maximum flexibility for all types of carrying. Transport your groceries, recycling, gear for your next biking adventure, the possibilities are endless. These bags are appreciated by both bikepackers and commuters. Plastic reinforcements help maintain the bags shape and makes rolling a cinch. The multiple use closure allows for different ways to use the bag: Open-top "grocery style" for quick trips; bag to bag closure and fold over the deck to allow for large items on top; and the regular secure roll top closure. The bags have a wide strip of reflective material on each end to increase night-time visibility and an internal pocket to help with organization. Bags are symmetric so they can be installed on either side of the bike. Choose individual bags to mix and match colors, or get a matching set, it’s your call.

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Black & Black, Black & Blue, Black & Red, Black & Green, Black & Mocha, (sold as individual bags)