Mid-Drive Motor Gear Sensor

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  • Intelligent sensor that will power down or shut off the motor during shifting to avoid chain grinding and cassette breaking
  • Extend the life of your gears indefinitely with the gearsensor
  • An absolute must for mid-drives
  • Made for both deraillers and internally geared hubs
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Product Description

The Gearsensor acts like a speed shifter so you are able to shift your bike at full throttle and barely feel the throttle cut off.

It will make your BBS02 or BBSHD shift faster, smoother and safer.

The Gearsensor is manufactured in the Czech Republic

The Gearsensor is plug and play with any BBS02 or BBSHD mid-drive system.

It works as an in-line cable switch to pause the motor for a split second during shifting.

Note: Rohloff and Nuvinci IGH (internally geared hubs)  must use the derailleur version, the Shimano, S-A, Nexus & Sram uses the IGH version

Additional information

Gearing System

IGH (Internally Geared Hubs), Traditional Derailleur