Surly World Troller Frameset
Surly World Troller Frameset
Surly World Troller Frameset
Surly World Troller Frameset

Surly World Troller Frameset – Milque White

Item #SF-WorldTroller- Milque White

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Manufacturers Description:

When we designed our Troll frame we set out to design a bike frame that would be, to its rider, a blank canvas upon which they could paint a masterpiece of versatility. The kind of frame that could be built using any kind of parts for any kind of purpose, be it riding the local backyard singletrack, getting to work, the store, or around the whole darn world.

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Product Description

Those familiar with the standard Troll frame know that you can pretty much put anything on it you want. Disc brakes? Yep. Linear pull or cantilever brakes? Indeed. Racks, disc brakes and fenders all at once, both front and rear? Totally. The point is that the World Troller can do everything the standard Troll frame can, plus it’ll bust in half via two S&S Machine frame couplers so you can fit it in an airline approved travel case, potentially costing you less to get your bike to whatever far-flung location you have decided to explore (make sure to check with your airline). We do advise that to properly make use of the option this frame provides, a certain level of mechanical aptitude is required. You have been warned.

Compared to 700c wheels, the 26” wheels of the World Troller have some advantages. 26” wheels are stronger than their larger counterparts, can be easier to find parts and tires for in many places around the world and pack more easily because of their smaller size. The World Troller, buy a one-way ticket to anywhere and ride your ass back home.

A Troll with S&S Couplers for touring. This bike will break in half to allow for cheap airline travel.

  • Factory Installed S&S Couplers
  • Surly 4130 CroMoly steel
  • Main triangle is double-butted
  • TIG-welded
  • BB Shell Width (mm): 73 mm
  • BB/Frame Interface: English
  • Brake Type: Disc or Rim
  • Chainguide Mount Type: BB Cup Mount
  • Seatpost Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Seatpost Clamp: 30.0mm (Surly Stainless Included)
  • Front Axle Type: 9x1
  • Front Derailleur Cable Pull: Top
  • Front Derailleur Clamp: 28.6 (1-1/8")
  • Front Derailleur Style: Topswing , Traditional
  • Front Hub Spacing (mm): 100 mm
  • Rear Axle Type: 10x1
  • Rear Hub Spacing (mm): 135 mm
  • S.H.I.S Lower: EC34
  • S.H.I.S Upper: EC34
  • Tire Clearance: 26" x 2.75?
  • ForkTIG-welded tapered & butted 4130 CroMoly, 100mm suspension corrected, tapered straight blade

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