Big Dummy Electric Cargo Bike

Big Dummy Electric Bike

Here’s a new bicycle build for 2017 to replace a small truck on St Thomas Island. It has full time lighting and cell-phone charging station, a 1000Watt electric motor capable of climbing the highest island hills with ease and a comfy passenger seat. The drive-train is a Sram 11 speed using an 11-42t cassette modified to an 11-50t. With the small front narrow/wide 30t chainring, this bike has massive torque for hill climbing even with a substantial load.

Getting the frame on island was tricky and expensive. I finally went with a container shipping outfit that charged $410 to get the bare frame here from Philly. All the other bits & pieces were brought in Priority Mail from the four corners of the earth.

Because of shipping delays the build time on this bike ended up being over five weeks. Shipping time & cost is the biggest drawback in regards to island living but it is a small price to pay for paradise.

This bike will get a lot of use all 12 months of the year. I’m a firm believer in using bicycles as replacements for motor vehicles. Not only are they more healthy to ride, they are also economical & fun. On an island that’s only 14 miles long, having a gas guzzling, high maintenance, stuffy metal box to ride in seems foolish. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I am available to build custom bikes for any riding style and use. Give me a call to discuss your needs and budget.

St Thomas Bikesmith – Luce Robnett

E-Bike Display Console

Big Dummy Build Kit

• Medium Surly Big Dummy Frameset (Soil Ant Green)
• Big Dummy Rails
• Big Dummy Deck
• Big Dummy Rail Collars
• Xtracycle X2 Cargo Bags
• Xtracycle Wide Loaders
• Xtracycle Long Loader
• Rear Wheel – Shimano XT Hub on SunRingle MTX 33 rims 36 Wheelsmith Spokes (black)
• Front Wheel – Shimano Dynamo Hub on SunRingle MTX 33 rims 36 Wheelsmith Spokes (black)
• Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires & tubes
• Sram GX 11 Speed Cassette 11-42t
• Sram GX 11 Speed Derailleur
• Sram GX 11 Speed trigger Shifter
• Sram GX 11 Speed chains
• One-Up 50T conversion sprocket
• BaFang 1000 Watt Mid-drive motor & 20amp 52Volt battery pack
• Spoon Camo Saddle
• Seatpost Thompson Setback
• Grips Black Lock-on
• Stoker stem & bars straight green grips
• Cables & Housing by Jagwire (green)
• Oversized cables shift & brake
• Avid 180mm Disc Rotors
• Avid BB7 Disc Brake calipers
• Headset spacers black
• Passenger Seat 12″x8″ Black w/green trim
• Profile Design Boa Stem
• Surly Open Bar Handlebars
• FSA threadless 1 1/8″ Headset (The Pig)
• Electric shift cutoff module
• Luna 30T chainring for BaFang BBSHD 1000
• Tail Light E3 Supernova
• Head light E3 Supernova Pro